From the name, Hot Yoga – This is the practice of yoga in hot and humid conditions. Normal physical yoga hardly ever involves sweating. But hot yoga is a type of yoga that incorporates heat, so the practitioners of hot yoga are always associated with profuse sweating.
Imagine being in a room heated to about 37 deg C – like a tropical island with no breeze.
There are many reasons for incorporating heat in hot yoga, some of which are:
• To replicate the heat and humid conditions of India where Yoga originated from,
• To minimize the risk of muscular injuries in the students, and
• To aid in their detoxification process.
Benefits of Hot Yoga
One of the most popularly reported benefits of hot yoga by people who practice it is detoxification. The idea is that profuse sweating helps in releasing toxins from the body.
Another benefit is that it helps increase the heart rate, which is beneficial in helping the body work faster. It is also reported that hot yoga helps improve breathing and aids in better mental concentration.
Hot Yoga Styles
Bikram yoga – It is considered the original incarnation of hot yoga and is practiced all over the world. It follows a set sequence of 26 postures and focuses on endurance.
Moksha Yoga – It was founded by 2 yogis in Toronto who wanted to integrate an environmental component to their hot yoga routine. Due to the environmental aspect of this form, they are characterized by being green; that is, using energy-efficient heating and sustainable flooring.
Hot Yoga Fusion
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